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I have a thought: I want to send out Slack messages to people when something happens and ask them to respond in Slack. In order to do this I need to somehow create a Slack message but then know what the Slack URL is at the same time so I can dynamically populate a table to collect responses.

From what I understand the Slack Pack collects responses but you have to manually specify the Slack Message URL. How do I dynamically find the URL so that I can automate the collection of results rather than having to specify URLs by hand?


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Hey Jarred,

Thanks for posting! At the moment, we don’t have a way to do this. I’d be curious to know if anybody in the community has any workarounds for this. I’ve always wondered if it could be done by immediately pulling a search in Slack via Zapier or something, but haven’t had time to test anything specific as of yet.

We also have a packs beta open where makers can create their own packs. If you have some programming know-how and would like to try that route, here’s info on how to sign up: Build Packs for yourself, your team, and the world..


Ok so I found a workaround. It’s requires a third party connector app - I used Integromat.

The basic idea is:

  1. Send a Slack message out but tag it with a unique number. You can generate the number in many ways - rowID() or random() are two that come to mind
  2. Use your connector service to search for a Slack message with that tag and return its Iid which you then capture back into Coda. In Integromat this took a three step scenario: (1) Coda module to read the tag from the doc where I generated the Slack; (2) A Slack module to pass that tag to a Search; (3) Another Coda module to read the Iid and write it back to Coda
  3. Coda can watch Slack messages for replies, reactions and other features. Simply add in a Slack message column and then related columns via the Slack Message options gear.
  4. The Iid you get back from Coda will look something like this: 1647506743.229019. A URL to a Slack message looks like this Slack. So all you need to do is remove that “.” using regexreplace(thisRow.[Iid],".","")) and you can form the dynamic Slack message URL
  5. The last step - as supplied by Renita from Coda support (see above) is to add a Refresh() to the column so that replies and reactions are captured as they happen.

I realise this isn’t exactly simple and my explanation may be to hurriedly assembled here but it is a totally workable way to start using Coda as a dynamic way to capture responses via Slack. Coda folks - it would be great if this were possible in the Slack Pack without having to use a third party.

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