Some columns will not appear on Cards

I think this is a bug, or maybe I am doing something wrong, or maybe it needs to be just a suggestion.

When I create a card view, I understand only the first columns 20 columns are visible.
It seems any columns after the 20th will never appear on the card.
I tried hiding and unhiding, dragging them to the top, and even changing them in the order of the original table. A very thin spacer (1px) seems to appear when I enable one of these columns so something is appearing on the card, just not the content of the column.

If the columns have no content (relations) then you will not see anything on the cards. Try making the name of the columns visible.

Ok, wow. Yep, that was it.
I tried showing column names but even they don’t appear when there is no info, which I think threw me.

Thanks so much