Some rows are missing the first character in Text fields

That’s all there is to it.

Can you show a picture / example @Morgan?

I notice that it happens only when valueFormat: rich. Will share a public api in the next 5 minutes.

@Johg_Ananda. Ok go to:
And you will see the “Notes” field looks fine.

Then go to:
And see that in “rich” format (the default on this endpoint), the response does not have the first character in “Notes”.

Fascinating. Yes I too have experienced this bug when using CrossDoc. Still waiting on Codans to come up with a solution. It is ?reassuring to see it occur in the wild.

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New urls.
Rich format:
Simple format:

I too saw this bug when using Cross-doc and reported through Intercom a while ago.
I suggest you do the same, to add more weight to it.

CC @BenLee (poor Ben, why do I keep tagging you in every Coda bug post)

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:joy: I do my best to get everything noted.

Looks like this may have been fixed?