Something seriously wrong with formulas


I’ve been trying to copy a working table to another project but I’ve had major issues trying to get a formula to work.

Basically, I have one table with 3 columns. rate, start date and end date

I then have another table with 4 columns, date, vat rate, cost and vat amount.

Depending on the date of my second table, it will show a percentage, I then use that percentage to calculate the vat amount using the cost column.

I know my formula works because If i manually put a percentage in the vat rate in my second column my formula works.

Comparing the formulas of my working table and my duplicate table, it appears that the ‘VAT Rate’ has a percentage icon next to it in the formula, in the one not working it has a rectangle icon. Now If I manually put a figure in, it gives me that percentage icon.

See Image [VAT Rate]

Been stuck on this all yesterday and now I can’t reproduce the error.