Sorting seems to be broken when I apply Source Table sorting on a grouped view

I have a view in which I am grouping the rows based on a Feature Column which is a referenced column from another table. I’d like sort the rows using another FeatureRank column in the table.
I update the sort setting to for the grouped column to UseSourceTable sorting which is currently set to FeatureRank as desired.

However, on doing so, the rows are not is sorted order. Any idea what I could be missing or has anyone figured a workaround for the issue. Custom sort is not an option since I have too many rows in the table to manually order

Hi @Deepti_Madkikar,

Great question. Without seeing the doc it’s challenging to see how you are setting this up with the grouping etc. I would recommend that you base the sorting off the table order you have set up in the FeatureRank table as your sort base. From there you should see the element adjust accordingly. If that doesn’t work you could always assign a numerical value to the values and then sort on those rather than manually adjusting the sort. I hope that helps. If you are still having challenges with it please feel free to reach out to our support team!


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