Spotify error with play and pause button

Hey community I’m triying to add two buttons to play and pause from spotify but I’m getting this error:

You don’t have permissions to take this action in Spotify everything is setup in Coda but I don’t know what is the error. Can someone help me?

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Hi Steve! Are you able to share your doc here with support access for us to take a look?

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Hi @Coda_Zac I think is a general error, I created a new doc only with the play button and happens the same thing. Also a community champion is having the same issue.

Yes, that would be me :innocent: !


Following up, could you confirm if you have Spotify Premium? It looks like Spotify made a change here requiring you to have Spotify Premium to use this feature.

I don’t have a Premium Spotify account :upside_down_face:

And this would explain things :blush: : Especially why all the tracks I gather from Spotify return false in the Is Playable checkbox.

I also don’t have any premium account :confused:

I’m not home today so I can’t really follow up on this at the moment :confused:!

Even though it seems like Spotify as a business has closed some loopholes here :no_mouth:

I mean, free accounts can access anything they want… as long as they’re listening to pubs and announces once in a while as YouTube does :confused:.

If they changed their API (on Spotify’s side) to reflect this, there’s nothing much Coda can’t do here :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

At least, well, we all seem to know what has gone wrong here, so Coda can adapt their documentation and reflect that change from Spotify’s side :blush:.

Not a big consolation here, I know :wink:. But really helpful to all the free users of Spotify who might face the same troubles :blush:.

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Thanks for reporting this issue @Pch and @Steve_Calderon! Our team has tested this and has identified it as a new bug. We’ve filed a report with our team for further investigation. Please let us know if there are any new details or updates that arise so we may add them to the report.

We will be sure to post updates here as we have them! Apologies for any disruption that this may be causing in the meantime.


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