Status of check boxes on sub pages summarised on home page

Hi there, I’m pretty new to Coda. So basically I’ve created an onboarding doc for new customers that contains a bunch of sub tasks that are contained in pages/subpages. I would like to have a check box under each sub task for the suer to check once completed.

I would also like a summary of the status of all the tasks to appear on the homepage. What’s the best way to do this as I can’t seem to connect/reference a checkbox?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi there @Rael_Cline :blush: ! Welcome to Coda :tada: and to the Community :grin: :tada: !

I’m sorry but I’ve got to ask : Would you mind sharing a sample doc (with anonymized datas) :blush: ?

It would help to visualize and understand what you’re asking here :blush:, but also see what you already have, therefore what could be done :wink: .

Apparently as a new user I can only put one embedded media in this post so I’ve put them next to each other…

So for instance, step 1 in the onboarding process is to Connect a Seller Central account to our tool. This is a subpage. I have a video explaining how to do it with the idea of a checkbox being there for them to use once they’ve completed the task.

On the homepage, I have an Onboarding checklist that I’d like to reference the status of the checkbox that’s contained in the Connect a Seller Central account subpage so that there’s a central place in the homepage where they can check on the status of all the tasks they need to do (these tasks are all in separate subpages).

Hope this makes sense?

Sadly, I don’t think it’s doable this way but I may have something for you which could give you a similar result :blush: .

Instead of using a canvas Checkbox in the subpages, I’ve created small helpers tables in each subpages.

They only have 3 fields :
One for the name of the subpage (which can be hidden :wink: ), one checkbox and a button :blush: .
(You can also hide everything around those tables if necessary :wink: )

The button on each subpages does 2 things :

  1. It checks the checkbox in the Subpage X table
  2. It compares the names of the subpage in the Subpage X table with the name of the subpages in the table I’ve called All Subpages and then checks the appropriate checkbox :blush: .
  3. It also disable itself once the checkbox in the table Subpage X has been checked.

this works the other “way around” compared to what you wanted, but I can think of an other method to do what you’re asking .

Thanks so much! In your doc, when I click on a subpage 1, it reflects in the All Subpages properly but when I try uncheck subpage one, the All Subpages doc remains checked. Is this what you mean by the fact it only works “1 way”?

@Rael_Cline : the checkboxes are not linked to one another, the button just check them :blush: .
So yes, in my first sample above, it was just working “one way” and the checkboxes needed to be unchecked manually :sweat_smile: .

Sorry, I didn’t think this through the first time :innocent: .

But, after lots of tryouts, I finally was able to create a button that will check the appropriate checkboxes and uncheck them, if necessary :innocent: .

In my sample here, the button :

  1. Check the checkbox in the table Subpage X if the checkbox is uncheck and uncheck it if it’s already checked.
  2. Compares the name of the subpage in the Subpage X with the names of the subpages in the table All Subpages 2 and find the appropriate checkbox but it apply the same it just applied in the checkbox of the helper table Subpage X ( :upside_down_face: ).

Thanks @Pch ! So if a check the sub-page x it reflects on All Subpages 2 but then if I uncheck on All Subpages 2, it doesn’t uncheck on Sub Page x?

@Rael_Cline : Yep, that was that :sweat_smile: .

I’m very sorry, I sometimes have troubles with what should be obvious :sweat_smile: so I completely missed an easy solution that should be working for you :innocent: .

Instead of using buttons, you could just simply used linked filtered views of your Onboarding Checklist in each of the subpages :sweat_smile: .

So here, in my sample, I still have a table with all the subpages and in each subpage I’ve created a view of that table and filtered it accordingly with the subpage.
To filter that view, I’ve added a field Subpage-Text (which can be hidden) which just converts the @mention to the subpage into a text and used this field to filter the view.

As the views are connected to the table listing all the subpages (views are basically just another way to display a table), it means that when a checkbox is check or uncheck in the table with all the subpages, it will also be the case in the filtered views of that table and vice-versa :blush: .

A now it works, thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

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@Rael_Cline : You’re welcome :blush: .

And all my most sincere apologies for not finding the appropriate solution the first time :pray: !

Ha, no worries at all. It’s very much appreciated!

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