Subscription Service Overview - How to properly do this? Filter or Lookup

Hello coda community!

I am completely struggling to get my subscription overview working.
The goal is that the i define with checkmarks who is using which service.
The second table calculates the me the cost per slot per service.

Afterwards everything should be sumed in the last column of the first table.
I tried with Lookup and Filter but so far without any good results.

Very grateful for valuable suggestions

Many thanks

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Hi @Matthias_Amon :blush: ,

I’m not sure to understand the “per slot per service” but, is this what you were trying to do ? (or similar :innocent: )

Instead of using checkboxes I added a Lookup fields (from the table Subscription Prices to Subscription Overview) and then selected for each person the services they are subscribed to …

To calculate the sum of those subscriptions, I just added this formula into the Cost field

thisRow.[Subscription Prices].Monthly.Sum()

And what it does is, it takes the list of services in the lookup fields, retrieve the corresponding Monthly cost from the table Subscription Prices for each listed services in a row and simply Sum() them :blush:

Let me know if this helps (or if I’m completely wrong and it was not what you were after :sweat_smile: ) … or if you need me to add more info about what’s going on :blush: !


Hah, @Pch , you beat me to it. :smile:

My interpretation was summing, for each user, the price per slot rather than the price per subscription.


I’m actually really not sure if I interpreted the demand correctly :sweat_smile: … I just took a leap of faith :innocent: … !
So, you might be right here :wink:

We can’t see you embed :innocent:


Doh :man_facepalming:

Have set to ‘anyone with the link can view’. Hopefully working now?


It works perfectly :grin: !

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Thanks guys for your input!! Yes Tim you are right, i need an overview what each user has to pay me.
You nailed it :slight_smile:

Really like this view.


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