Summarise Financial Information

Hi All,

In response to a question on the forums, I have prepared the below example of how to summarise financial information.

There are two ways to create a table with financial information. One is to have a column for each month, and then the transactions in the relevant monthly columns, i.e. 12 amount columns. The alternative is to have a single amount column, with columns for each dimension (Year, month, Account, cost centre, etc).
I would like to suggest best practise is to use approach number two. This is the most flexible, allowing for the easy creation of views with monthly, quarterly etc. summaries.
If the volume of transactions/ information is low, a single table can be used. If the volume gets too large, then additional tables can be created, and consolidated as below, in the Report Master table. In this example there is a table per year. If the volume get even larger, one could create a table for each plan .

The page is part of a Coda doc that I maintain with basic Coda information. It is free to use.

Rambling Pete