[Survey] Wiki Coda Community Project

Dear @Thierryvm,

Thanks mentioning me in your project, unfortunately I am not able to assign time the coming months, far to many un-finished projects, private arrangements and the summer holiday.

There is already so much valuable input, I would just like to share some different perspectives to consider in benefit for your project.

When I started Coda, I had the same feeling to put everything in one document, as you will learn it’s not necessarily always the best to do, especially to content that doesn’t relate to one or the other.

Therefore an overarching “doc/wiki” that contains a structure with links and metadata to search for criteria would be a more workable. To add there a section for voting would be great, and downvoting should only be possible if the voter offers a better proposal to improve the work.

This structure to be located in a separate workspace, where you can add others with admin rights, editors and for the audience to view the docs and the actual samples, study material to be able to copy.

Metadata to be used could be #formulas, #beginner, #medium, #advanced, #Fundamentals, #table structures and whatever comes up during the development.

Let the interested submit samples through a form and when the content has been approved it can be added by the moderators with the appropriate rights. When an application can’t be added it will be good to inform the submitter why and give the possibility to update.

This all is an serious task and would take many man hours.

:bulb: Who knows Coda is able to assign resources for development in this direction. Of course there are already several initiatives and the content makers should consider to unite and made visible / promoted through one channel, the “market” (users interested in Coda) will decide what works for them or not.

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Hello @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Thank you for taking the time to answer me and frankly your point of view is very important to me because it is my first project of this scale.

With my little experience, I tried to realize this project without knowing exactly what all this would require in terms of preparation. Even if I took the time to think about the design, it was difficult to know which direction to choose etc.

That’s why I launched this survey in the hope of finding support and to see if such a project could interest the community.

There is no time constraint for participants as this community wiki is a complement to the official Coda documentation.

The proposed structure is in line with this with the sections The basics of Coda - Need help? and Tutorial videos which are there to give the possibility to find information while waiting for more specific help.

So even if you contribute once a month, we will be lucky to have your valuable experience.

I proposed to @Federico Stefano, to temporarily close the wiki and to gather competent people to modify the structure and improve the user experience because my skills are not enough to do it myself at the moment.

I’m lucky to have @christiaan_huizer when his time allows it, to help me in my learning and his support helps me a lot to progress, thanks again by the way ^^.

In addition, I followed the Bootcamp with @maria and I hope to follow the Doctorate to increase my skills as quickly as possible.

That’s it @Jean_Pierre_Traets, I hope to have been more precise on the expectations and don’t hesitate to leave me a message if you need more precision on the project even if I’m convinced that you have understood it without any problem.



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I ask all the people with a sufficient level of skills for this project and who would be willing to give some of their time, to leave a message here so I can invite them in the improvement of the wiki and its ergonomics.

Thanks again to all the people who voted to make this project happen and I hope it will be useful to a maximum of Coda users.


Hello to all :),

Here it is, I modified a little the structure and there is still some work to do about the permissions and I would like a little help to finalize the formula part :).

Thanks in advance to those who will come to complete this project ^^



Hello @Federico.Stefanato , @Xyzor_Max , @Jean_Pierre_Traets , @Scott_Collier-Weir , @Hector_Reyes1 , @Gabriel , @Dale_Cowling , @Anthony_Thong_Do , @Sarah_Arminta , @Nur_A

I announce you the publication of the multilingual community wiki, it is not perfect for the moment and needs you to live.

People who really want to participate in this community project and who really want to help the community to progress and gather the shared information are welcome.

For the moment, access is quite limited because I didn’t manage to set up a user management system.

However, you have pages like Need Help? and Coda Basics that are there to allow you to make a specific request and provide you with resources.

The document is published in a copy version for the moment, because I’m not sure how to proceed to make it available to all people and especially how to have the management of advanced users and moderators ^^.

For the competent people, wanting to participate as moderators, thank you to inform me of your motivations in private message and for the continuation, I will look to allocate rights to the users confirm/advanced.

In advance, I thank all the people who will participate in this great multilingual community project.



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Hello friends :),

I’m looking for some support to finish this project and make it as optimized as possible.

I’m looking for people willing to offer some of their time and Coda skills to solve some management problems.

For the people who voted for this project and are ready to give their time for the progress etc, I’m waiting for your private mails to add you in the list of users/moderator.

Thanking you all for your future participation.