Swipe right feature broken

Swipe right now longer works. My wife is using an iPhone 6 and the swipe right feature to show sheet buttons. The “Skip a day” and “Watered” functional buttons are now replaced with two grey “select me” buttons that do nothing. I noticed earlier that the Coda app was updated and (unfortunately) so was the iPhone iOS (13.6 to 13.6.1). We can still open the row for viewing and select the button which works properly.

I noticed and reported to support this morning. I haven’t heard back on possible solution yet.

This is a bug. We hope to have a fix in soon.

For now, you can click on the table icon at the top of the table on mobile and it will show the full table. The buttons are clickable in this view.

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Thank you for getting back to me. Yes I can tab on the table or tap and expand the row where the buttons are available and work. Ron

It works today, Thank you for fixing the bug so quickly.