Switching between using a doc anonymously and as myself

Hello all,

In a published doc (example: https://coda.io/@eva-dimitrova/blogmark), new users can choose their level of privacy - show or hide their identity when using the doc. The question - how do you switch between the two?

I can’t find how to make myself anonymous if I already selected the option to appear as myself. And vice versa - can’t switch to using my identity once I decided to be anonymous.

Is that possible?



This feature was designed around the idea of allowing a user to be anonymous, and allowing them to change from anonymous to visible, but once they reveal themselves to the doc, there isn’t an option to go back.

Is there a particular reason or use-case for needing both?

Hey BenLee, for people who are not familiar with Coda and try things out for the first time, not being able to reverse a (wrong) choice, especially when it comes to your privacy, is not great.

I like the anonymous option, it gives people more freedom and flexibility - why not keep it that way. Otherwise, maybe at least make it obvious that you can’t switch back to being anonymous.

I’ll pass along the feedback!

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