Table relations & linked page name

Hello all, I’m relatively new and am trying to understand table relations.

Base Table
I have a base table where I’ve populated the default “Name” column with a page link. In the base table this shows the page name as a clickable link (which is what I’m after). As an example I’m creating this table for each of the activities that the kids are involved with.

Related Table
I’m creating a related table for each organization related to the activity in the base table and have similarly setup the table by renaming the “Name” column to “Organization” and have populated it with a page link to each of the organizations.

When I try to add a new relation column in the base table, so that I can relate the organization to the activity, I’m seeing what appears to be the URL suffix instead of the linked page name. I’m not sure whether I’m doing something wrong with the column settings or if this is expected and my use case is an outlier… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there @Matt_McCormick ,

I’ve taken a stab at it, please view my demo doc below.

Essentially, the issue you’re running into is that a page link, while displayed within the UI with the neat page icon and page name, actually resolves to the page-reference in the background (which is why that reference is being displayed when you’re forcing it in the formula). An easy solution is to assign a name to each page (that is, instead of simply @-referencing the page “Kids Swim” to also add a column called “Page Title” and give that row the value “Kids Swim”). That way, the correct name can then be displayed.

Check out the demo and let me know if that solves it or if you’d like further guidance! All the best, Nina