The Audit Pack [Get more formulaic access to columns]

Maybe we could utilize @Leandro_Zubrezki ’s mermaid pack to create auto visuals and maps of doc structure, etc.

Finally! This could be the solution to this issue that has been frustrating me for months.

Great work, I’ll start to play with this pack right away. Thank you!


This pack is amazing. Could it be expanded to include buttons ( “free-floating” buttons) ? My most complex docs rely a lot on them in order to avoid decrease in performance due to “excessively” complex/verbose formulas

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Hey there @Ford ! Can you explain more what you mean? What functionality are you looking for in the pack that it currently does not have

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Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir ! At the moment the pack seems to analize only tables and views, but not Controls and Buttons. It would be nice if those were included too.
Objects in doc:

  1. TYPE: table ; NAME"Catalogue" ; COLUMNS: “Item; Price; Margin; …”
  2. TYPE: button; NAME: “Reset prices in Catalogue” ; FORMULA: Modifyrows(Catalogue, Price, 0)

if I delete the column “Price” of the table “Catalogue”, this pack allows me to know in advance that by doing so I would break the column “Margin”, because (in this example) it depends on it, but it would not tell me that the button "Reset prices in the table Catalogue " would break too because the column that this button is supposed to edit would be inexistent

Sorry for the weird example :sweat_smile:



Got it! Ill look into it for sure. Great idea!


HI Scott,

I have used this in two docs now, and it works well for my requirements.
I use it on tables that I created to make notes on what the columns mean.

But then I recently I conceived of another way to use this.
For our SAP implementations we need to collect master data from business.
The master data file looks like this, for example a cost centre list:

But to assist them in completing the data, I use the Audit pack to get all the columns. I then add some columns at the back to provide info, list of allowed entries, etc.

What is ESPECIALLY useful is that refreshing the table keeps the information added manually in place.

This latter use if of huge value, thank you very much.

Rambling Pete


Great update! The Audit Pack has become even more indispensable!