The following column is formulaic and cannot have its values modified:

Yes I realize, very fortunate that this problem can be fixed without compromising performance.

Just for the record: I was triggered by your original post about a formula column that could not have its values modified (which is the way Coda works). After hitting the Switch button, things get messy indeed. For one thing, I don’t understand the existence of this button and indeed, if it gets activated by accident or some unknown coda workings (or perhaps there was a bug in an update) you end up with a doc that works completely different - or doesn’t work correct or not at all.

I hope someone from Coda can enlighten us.

Coda has made a lot of changes, supposedly to make the power of Coda more accessible for less experienced or tech oriented users, but for me, not all changes are improvements.


Again, I’m glad it’s at least fixable. :sweat_smile: Because I have workspaces with quite complex architecture and if the problem couldn’t be solved as simply as in this case it would be “fun”.
But definitely developers should pay attention to this bug.

Hi @Tamerlan_Kagarmanov and others - Late to this thread, but thanks so much for reporting this. This error message wasn’t intentional, and it was due to a bug that was introduced last week. We found the bug earlier today and we have already made a fix. The should go live tomorrow (March 26th), and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear @Eric_Koleda, thank you very much giving feedback on the status of this bug.

@Tamerlan_Kagarmanov , great catch :eyes:

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Thank you for the feedback!

Hello @Eric_Koleda

Can you clarify a little bit? Was the bug that you could reverse the column type (which I can’t find anymore)

or if can you indeed fill calculated columns with a value (through a button action)?

I spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out what @Tamerlan_Kagarmanov was showing us to be a bug, going through old and new docs - and I still don’t get it. In my experience is is impossible to fill a calculated column with another value.

Thanks in advance,
Greetings, Joost

That’s right. It is impossible to fill the calculated column with another value. The essence of the bug is that non-calculated columns suddenly became calculated. Check out this video:

in it I show you exactly how it was in the beginning and how it became afterwards.
Note: The “Switch relation and linked relation” setting is only available for calculated columns.


Thank you for showing this.

I am totally lost. And I can’t reproduce your issue. But I am also lost on the linked relation, which is a function, but (if switched on) allows for editing with results (and I am seeing it while it happens) that I don’t understand.

I hope Eric will shed some light on this.

Greetings, Joost


I’m not an expert on this system (more of a messenger) but from what I can gather we made a change that treated one-side of the linked relation as an un-editable formula, when it shouldn’t have been.

Thank you Eric. I am not really enlightened, but I know your answers are straightforward and honest. Maybe we’ll someday see the exact workings of these columns in the documentation.

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