TIME SENSITIVE Form submission to filter another table

I have a list of people in Table 1.
I have a form for a person to fill out, choosing some of those people,

I want the options chosen from table 1 to populate the options in Table 2, for a second form to fill out.

(We’re a sport, and we’re allowing the coaches to select who is an option for All Star voting. So Table 1 is filled out by the coach, and table 2 is the league-wide All Star voting form, which should ONLY allow the options to be selected filtered by the coach’s selections from table 1).

I’m trying hard to get my team onboard with Coda and this option would be great, but it’s very time sensitive to figure out this solution!

What sport you at?

For the past two years I’ve helped the NCAA lacrosse do their entire all star voting through Coda.

Happy to give some pointers. Can you show a doc with where you’re at currently?

I don’t wanna help give patchwork soltuions to an underlying structure that’s already not set to scale

Wanna know the bigger picture! Feel free to email me to at scott@simpladocs.com

Thank you scott, I emailed you!

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