Trying to display 4 column Cards view using Cross-doc but only displays 2 columns

I am trying to take a 4 column kanban table that is is in cards view and display it in another document using cross-doc. The cross-doc is working and it is syncing fine. However the layout is messed up in the cross-doc copy. It has taken all of the information in all 4 columns and condensed it into 2 columns when viewed in cards format. Is there a way to fix this, so the formatting on both the original cards table and the copy look the same?

Hi @Dave_Cuzner :slight_smile:
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Can you share a screenshot of your problem? :slight_smile:
P.s. blindly i would say that you have to add those other column to the synced table in the destination doc (by default it copies the rowid-codaurl, and the first 2 columns, the others could have to be added manually)

Hi Mario, Thanks for the quick response. I think you might be right, but I don’t know how to add the other columns.

Heres a screenshot of what the original cards view table looks like with 4 columns.
Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 10.48.19 AM|689x324

Heres what the cross-doc synced table looks like. It has 3 columns now, but the items are not in the correct columns. Also the column headers are listed in the task and not at the top of each column.

Hi @Dave_Cuzner :slight_smile:
You can add those columns back really easily!
You have 2 way, the first one is to use the built-in feature of “add sync column” inside the “+” blue button for creating a new column,
The other one is using a formula, i’ve find out that using formula is way more useful for many other cases :slight_smile:

P.s. my suggestion to make it work as you want for cards view is to start with plain table, sync that, confirm that the data are well synced with no strange error

Like this :grin: (are they in the correct column into the table view?)

And then change the view to card, and re-format their layout as you prefer :slight_smile:

Thanks Mario for the advice. Really helps. Starting off as a table and then bringing the cross-doc into the destination page using table format helped to retain the columns. My main issue now is when i change the view from table to cards the format is not correct.

in the following screencapture you will see that in the “Heres what Cards View should look like” table at the top of the page I have cards for items like “eggs” and “chicken” and that I can easily move those cards from column to column. Below that table, I try to emulate the cards view using a traditional table view. When I bring that table into the destination doc and then switch it to cards view the format is not correct. You can see that each card includes multiple items and also displays “column 1”, “Column 2”, Column 3". How do I fix this so the cards look like the way I originally intended with a card for each item (i.e. “chicken”, “eggs”, “butter”).

Hi @Dave_Cuzner :slight_smile:

Share the doc so i can check :slight_smile:

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@Mario Just sent you a direct message with access to the doc. Thanks again.