Tufte CSS, Simplicity and Sidenotes

This project really resonated me and represents a number of compelling arguments for presenting content in Tufte-like fashion.

The web is not print. Webpages are not books. Therefore, the goal of Tufte CSS is not to say “websites should look like this interpretation of Tufte’s books” but rather “here are some techniques Tufte developed that we’ve found useful in print; maybe you can find a way to make them useful on the web”. Tufte CSS is merely a sketch of one way to implement this particular set of ideas. It should be a starting point, not a design goal, because any project should present their information as best suits their particular circumstances.

It’s why many of my Coda documents are presented with primary content in the left column and references, notes, and action items like buttons in the right column. My users and readers have indicated side-notes are ideal for understanding information faster or more thorough.

What if Coda could dynamically import a GitHub CSS project?