Undo for text fields

Definetly a Undo function or something in the Card Popup (when I expand details from a table row). I had a text field I wrote several paragraphs in and due to some odd and random keystrokes I lost all the text. I hit Command Z on keyboard but nothing. Gone forever.

I typed it out in the Expanded textbox view. Then while in the Card Popup I think I hit Enter to start a new line and then Backspace or something like that. Curser was on the very last line. Text gone forever :cry:

Yup, place cursor at very end and hit Enter then Backspace. Gone forever.


Hi there @Robert_Baran :blush: !

Have you check the version history of your doc ? :blush:

You can access it from your doc (the 3 dots menu ...) which appears when hovering the title of your doc.

From there, you should be able to copy a previous version of your doc which might contain if not all the text you typed, at least some of it :blush:.

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Good to have learned about revisions. A simple Undo Command would have been faster in this case but I got my data back, that’s all that matters :slight_smile:

Slightly lenghty process to go into revisions > make copy > find what I need and then copy and paste it back > then delete copy of revision :confused:

I’m very glad to know you’ve got everything back in its right place :blush:!

And yep, I agree, the version history tool is not the most practical one :wink: but it can be very very very useful :blush: !
And I also agree with the fact that you should have been able to simply undo what you “did” :wink:. That would have been easier :blush:.