Updates in TableExporter Pack

I have released v2.2.0 of TableExporter pack (TableExporter Pack, extend Coda with TableExporter | Coda)
While exporting table to PDF, you can now set landscape orientation & also manually set the number of columns per page.
Here are the two new parameters added in exportToPDF function:

landscapeMode: If true, page orientation will be landscape/horizontal. It’s false by default.
colsPerPage: Number of columns per page. Page width is equally divided by the total columns per page. By default, set to 5 in portrait mode & 7 if landscape/horizontal

Apart from it, caching is now disabled. Users had issue because updated/changed data were not getting exported. Please note that Coda API takes some time to retrieve latest changes made in doc, hence you still need to wait some time (up to a minute) to export latest data.

Nice, your pack seems interesting!

I just want to warn you about setting cacheTtlSecs to 0, I had some discussion about it with Eric here. Apparently there’s a different rate limit for when it’s 0

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Thank you for info & sharing your previous discussion related to cachTtlSecs. Didn’t know about the rate limit because it is not documented.
I will keep an eye on it. For now , it should be fine for my pack as users don’t need to export frequently & I don’t have many users of the pack. It definitely can be a problem in future. I may need to change to a non zero value.
Thanks again!



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