URL of the current section / identify the current section

Hey all,
I’ve spent WAY too long trying to figure this out, and I’m beginning to figure out it’s unfortunately not possible.
I need to find a way to figure out which section is currently selected in a formula.
Essentially, I need to know what view of a particular table people are looking at.

Is this possible?

I CAN get the section name if I have a known URL. But I don’t know of a way of grabbing the current URL in a formula…???

(Why? I’ve built a 8 button bar as a psudo tab based navigation system…which works EXCELLENT - except for when someone directly clicks a section name. The menu “thinks” it is where you last were…I’d like a check in the formula that just looks up where you are.
Everything else works fine - but its REALLY confusing for the user.

Quick screenshots showing the menu - which works great…

Showing the second tab… its all the same table, just a different view. Our projects have tonnes of information, and this is a great way of only showing the info thats needed - and LEADING people thru using it, rather than them needing to drill down into the section titles on the left.

Here’s the section menu on the left…



Would you mind sharing a dummy doc that illustrates your approach to this?

I will when I get time - its quite complex (well, at least for me its quite complex) and I’m still ironing things out as I go. I’ve also probably approached it in quite an inefficient way (actually, I KNOW I have but have not had time to fix it yet! I really did just make it up on the fly…)

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Are those buttons calling hard coded URLs?

Hey Mate - PM me :slight_smile:
(But no…)

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And of course I’ve just learnt that the major flaw in my system is that multiple people can’t use it effectively at the same time… I’m going to have to go right back to the drawing board I think.

I’d be really interested to see the ways that other people may have approached this at different times.