Section() and Table() to contrast User()

At the moment there is no way to access the URL of the current Section or the object of the current Table. While I can see that revealing the Table object through code might be a performance issue, the current Section() should not be to be a request and would be helpful.

Edit following thread comments: Table() would refer to the object that represents either the View or the source Table.

A workaround is if you have any object (table, button, named formula etc) on the section you can do [Object].Url()

Edit: Actually if you’re writing on the canvas thisTable.Url() works as well :slight_smile:

Do you mean thisTable?

The problem with thisTable is that it doesn’t reference the View of that table if you use it in a filter.

E.g.: I want to have a column which is the Section URL that row was created on, and for every section with a view on the table only show those rows that were created for that page. This could be done by having the original Table have a filter that reads like so that I don’t have to setup the filter everytime:

thisRow.Section URL = thisSection.Url().RegexReplace("#[^ ]*", "").Hyperlink()


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve received requests to be able to access the URL of the section using formulas and it’s indeed on the product team’s backlog of features to build. Will add your request to hopefully get this on the roadmap!


I’ve made a workaround using buttons:

Pros: You can duplicate sections, copy and paste the buttons and views.
Cons: You need to ‘Check in’ every time you switch sections.

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I guess this emphasises the need for templates for sections.