Use data from two tables in one chart, but we can't change to use just one table

Morning all,

I have a table that we use to allocate work items to our Engineers, and each of these have a time estimate for how long the work item will take to complete, and these are updated when they start the work item, and also during the build should they hit unexpected issues which delays them.

We also have quotes that go out to prospects, which we break down into initial stages and estimate at this early point how long we think each stage will take (this is before the client has accepted the quote, so these cannot be work items).

We pre-allocate a quote to an Engineer, so if it comes in we know who will work on it; I want to include the quote time estimations into the same chart as the actual work item time allocation.

It would be prohibitively complex to move the quote stage time estimates into the work items table due to the huge amount of automation and follow-up actions that occur when we add work items to that table, so we really need to keep these separate.

Are there any solutions I can use where I can somehow merge these two data sets into a combined view, that I can use for charting both the time allocated to actual work items, and the time estimated for the stages in a quote, into the same chart?


Dear @Simon_Collingridge ,

First of all, to get the better support, a dummy doc that represents the situation and some additional additional info on your expected outcome (Could be a drawing), would be a big support.

There are often more solutions possible, depending on the situation and expectations, the direction can be chosen.

The data from both tables can be combined in a third table that will be your chart.

Let’s start :radio_button:

The community has a wide variety of competency under the hood and on a regular basis also Codans join the party :tada:

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HI Simon,

In the meantime, this doc contains a number of example on how to link tables together.

The examples can be found in the section Table Joins and Lookups