User Activity Table

I have built a users table, but I want to add to it the date that person was added to the doc along with their last login date. We want to invite new users to a welcome session and nudge users who haven’t logged in in some time. Is there a formula for “new user added date” or “last login date”?

Hello @Kathryn_Blum!
Currently, there is no formula to track this, BUT! you could make like a log in screen of some sorts where users have to click a button to start navigating your doc. This button could update the new user added date and last login date.
It isn’t fool proof though, because users can save the web address inside a section and skip this log in screen entirely.
To counter this you could put formulas where the info is, to not show anything if the user hasn’t “logged in” so he has to go back and click the button.

Here’s a quick mock-up on how to do this

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