Using AI to compare two tables

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I haven’t been able to find a solution or one similar so apologies if it’s been asked before…

I’m using Coda to track personal expenses across several accounts. I’m not in a country that supports one of the cool new packs but that’s ok, I can import all of the data into a table (lets call this raw data) without too much hassle.

I have a secondary table (lets call this lookup data) that has all of my recurring transactions and their categorisation (frequency and type).

I want to add the raw data (date, value, frequency and type) to a third table (called all transactions) but only if it matches the lookup data, substituting the raw data label with actual description. I think of this like creating a rule in Xero.

Here’s where it gets fun. The description exported from my bank accounts (raw data) is often not helpful so I’d like to look at other data points if possible. E.g. my housemate pays me for rent and the different utilities separately and shows up as PAYMENT FROM [REDACTED HOUSEMATES NAME] but I rely on their notes to differentiate what they are paying for. (I’ve randomised the values in the attachment)

Can I use AI and/or Coda in a clever way to reduce the number of manual edits I have to make to only transactions that are not recognised?

hi @Alex_F , AI may offer some help, but in my experience the AI in Coda is not yet powerful enough to be a reliable help. Nevertheless, why don’t you try it?

In case you want to compare go to Bard or BING (creative settings, purple) and ask the same questions on the same dataset to see what it gives.

Cheers, Christiaan

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