Compare data from two tables and store results in a column

Hi everyone!

I want to auto-generate a list of documents that I must request from my clients, based on some of their personal details. For instance, if a client is married, I will need to see their marriage certificate.

Here’s the workflow I’m envisioning:

  1. Fill a form where I ask the client some questions (e.g. “are you married?”)
  2. An automation compares the responses of that form to the conditions that determine which documents I must request.
  3. I get a checklist of the documents required from that client in a canvas column.

Here is a manually populated doc that exemplifies what I’m looking for:

This is a very simple example, but in reality, there’s quite a few branching conditions that determine which documents I should request from each client.

What’s the best way to achieve this result? Is it even something I can achieve in Coda?

Hey @Alberto_Delgado,

Great question and use case. I think the easiest way to do this would be to set up subtables based of the customer name, then you can run through the subsequent data with a switchif() formula that will rotate out the “check list” as needed based on their responses. Here is a video from Maria talking about how to set that up, it starts at the 45 second mark.

I think that will help with the data streamline and what you can easily populate with some filters.

Hope that helps!


Hi @Dan_Demers,

Thanks for the suggestion! I will try it out

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