Using Coda in a Production Line

I’m interested, has anyone used CODA in a manufacturing environment? Right now I currently have Coda set up as a full-fledged Data Analysis tool for Quality Defects, it runs on various TV’s in the building for special views to show departments how they are doing, so far it’s been amazing but I have a few questions:

Can I embed my own Javascript or do more advanced things maybe with CSS? I’d like to use different colors then the pastel ones provided.

Can I make a backup? I know that Coda allows for version history replacements. How reliable is this? How good is security? I practice PII but really there isn’t much personal information with what I scan in CODA anyway, but the company I work for would be interested, it is a fairly large company. A lot of old school thinkers here and no body really seemed interested in this except for a few people.

Hello @SterlingStudio_GFX ,
I am going to give you my view on the questions in your post, but Coda has many facets: there are some very talented Coda makers with perhaps a different view on these topics:

  1. Javascript and CSS: currently, there is no standard way to use these techniques in Coda
  2. Javascript: Coda’s flavour of JavaScript is used to build packs, but I think that is not what you are asking
  3. Colors: the community has shared quite a couple of ways (and hacks) to use non-standard colors. If you really need it now, you can use it at certain places, if you don’t need it urgently, I would wait for more native support
  4. Backup: when logged in, go to your account. Under advanced account settings, you can get a full datadump of your docs. I have no idea how useful that is.
  5. Version history: works like a charm and has saved the day on quite a couple of occasions. One thing to keep in mind is that API access to your doc will have to be rebuild if you are going to use a doc recovered with version history, since table and column ID’s will not be the same.
  6. Security: this is a huge subject. If you share your docs only with trusted parties, I believe security is OK. But Coda has not (yet) a solid authorization scheme to prevent your doc users to (eventually) see (find) all data in your document. Also, check this declaration

Thank you! A lot of useful information. I read about the data dumps but wasn’t sure how usable they were outside of coda. If I could even IMPORT them again, or if version history is the only reliable source.

My main worry is how much space I can actually use. I am a paying ‘Teams’ member but don’t notice anything about space? I would hate to hit a restriction near the end of the year and not be able to convert my companys’ data to another application. Although I love Coda I need to have a backup.

How much data are you dealing with?

Well, to break it down like this:

Normal production will be 80-100 Rows a day, maybe a extra 10, I doubt it would ever go over 110, although it has in previous years. Production runs everyday, 5 days a week. So that’s the math on the size of the database. I have about 18 columns, all text, select boxes, checkboxes, etc. I do plan on incorporating images, each row would get at least 1 picture of a defect to attach to the row. Not all rows are going to have defects though. So it would really vary in the end.

Edit: I just didn’t notice any space restrictions anywhere, except for the free tier understandably, I also think it would be crazy for someone to host a excessive amount of data for nothing extra.

Assuming you’d have 28.6k rows per year, that seems pretty manageable. You’ll need to be wise with your formula use, but it’s definitely doable. You may consider copying the doc and clearing out it’s data yearly, and you shouldn’t run into many limitations.

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