Using Coda to run meetings - looking for input

Dear @Al_Chen_Coda ! Thanks. If I see correctly you also use “ctrl + k” - which also works fine for me. The question was just that when I simply type the “@” no sections come up. No biggie for me - totally fine with the other way.
However: thanks again for being helpful.

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My mistake! You are absolutely right I was indeed hitting CTRL+K (not “@”) to hyperlink to sections.

One of my top goals with Coda is to build the most efficient tool for running meetings imaginable. I have been working on this with your great team directly a bit, and I just discovered this thread so I thought I’d chime in my two cents.

I just posted in another thread I created earlier some latest thinking:

In a nutshell, I wanted to accomplish a major goal with my meeting notes that I think only Coda can accomplish:

Usually in Jira/Confluence, Google Sheets or Docs, or any other app, you might have a Meeting Note, and Discussion/Agenda Items. Sometimes you can reference the agenda items, or create them, in the note, depending on the tool. But I have not seen a tool that would let you both comment in the Meeting Note, and the Agenda Item, simultaneously . My goal with Coda was to accomplish this by having the Meeting Note itself not a section of a doc, but a row that would be built out with a subtable for the action/discussion items. Using a notes field (with the improved editor that has come out since this thread was started), you can add the comments about a given discussion item right inside the Meeting Note in the subtable. The discussion item will in turn have an expanding section at the bottom which will simply add another row every time the discussion item is included in a meeting.

I hope that makes sense and would be very curious to get any thoughts on whether this is really viable or not!

FYI that we’ve released some updates to today that should make building, sharing, and collaborating with templates a lot easier! [Launched] Custom templates: drag, drop, and slash your way