Vlookup as in excel

it could be possibile to replicate the formula Vlookup as it is in excel.
I mean, when we have a table, on the column A when i change the text, in column B must be autofill with text that is on other table .

HI Viorel,

You would achieve that by making “Month number” a column of type Relation. And “Autofill from table 2” would then be created as a related column from “Month number”


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what property should have “autofill from table 2”?

Hi Viorel

Could you expand on your question? I don’t understand.


Yes, you can replicate Excel’s VLOOKUP functionality in other spreadsheet software or using data manipulation libraries like pandas in Python. This allows you to automatically fill a column based on matching values from another table, similar to how VLOOKUP works in Excel.