Want to do this

want 2 columns

  • left has title or subtitle section title
  • right has text info
  • that’s all

can this do this, if so how?

basically want google sheet that is easily editable that’s pretty much it

we all know excel/spreadsheets arent easy to edit, it’s complicated and has lots of limits
and all know g docs / word does it bad, you have to create tables and the tables are so complicated and limited, not easy not simple

a good example is maybe onenote, well onenote cant really do this good, maybe… maybe like trello is as better example, eh…

Hi @basic_care, welcome in coda community :slight_smile:

Yes you can!

Just try, it’s faster and easier :slight_smile:

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In your doc enter /table. hit enter, and you automatically have a three column table.

couldnt do this

anyone know pls help

need steps

@basic_care Have a look at this: