Webhook button set up not fully working with Make

I have a table of report fields per job that get updated in Coda and when submitted (coda button pressed) it will update the Google Sheet file. (Note: I haven’t had success setting up any of the Google Sheets packs). The problem I have is when I turn the scenario live, it will only work on a few rows out of the rows selected and sometimes not at all.

Since I am using Make to do this process, I used listcombine on selected Coda rows of reports fields to do so. Here is the formula:

Basically, for every column I want to send to Make, I “listcombined” them, then joined them with the “:” delimiter. When the Coda button is pressed, it sends all the rows & fields as a string to Make, where I have the following set up to get that information to Google Sheets:

Any best practice suggestions on where I can improve my set up for this workflow? Ideally, I have a team member filling out an inspection report in Coda and when completed this person will click on the submit button to send the information to a Google Sheet file.

Thanks in advanced!

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