What are best ways to integrate templates for OKR, PM, Time-tracking?

I’d like to integrate some templates for OKR, PM down to task level, and time-tracking templates. The more comprehensive, the better.

  1. Maybe someone has already done it?
  2. Any suggestions on ways to structure it better in 1 doc or separate docs?
    Spotify OKR template is probably a good start?

For example:
Spotify OKR Template’s hierarchy:

  • Goals
    • KRs (Key Results)
      • Features
        • Milestones (several Milestones for each Feature)

Then need to integrate some PM template(s), so that for each Milestone, create and track:

  • Projects
    • Tasks. (Tasks cud spawn Subtasks if needed, or checklists)
      For each Task, need to press time-tracking buttons: Start, Pause/Resume, Finish. A table to record the timestamps for all kinds of reports/views.

The resulting template/solution could be a hierarchy and functionality similar to Clickup.com’s, except we don’t want to use their software (because too restricting, too buggy, insufficient integrations with Zappier and Integromat).


The Spotify OKR template is a good start. The OKR with Epics template is also worth checking out. Each “epic” would be like a project, and you could add another table just for tasks where the PM could select which project each task belongs to.

Sounds like the hierarchy you’re looking for from parent to child is Objective->KR->Feature->Milestone->Project->Task->Detailed task metrics, right?

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Thanks a lot Al!
Yes to " the hierarchy you’re looking for from parent to child is Objective->KR->Feature->Milestone->Project->Task->Detailed task metrics, right?"

So, perhaps one way is to integrate multiple templates to create such a hierarchy? Or other creative ways to do it?

To create such a hierarchy, would you recommend which PM template is best to join into the Spotify OKR Template? Or maybe someone can share a PM doc with a deeper hierarchy than the current templates avail so far?

Also task dependencies is a useful feature to integrate for most Project Managers. Perhaps, one way is like in this template, unless someone can suggest anything better:

For Time Tracking, I’d probably do it in dedicated time tracking apps like TimeCamp and Clockify, which have tons of features & reports already built. And when a task marked complete in TimeCamp or any other PM saas, then a Coda row would be updated via a Zapier rule.
Either way, we’re looking to pick several PM saas synced via Zapier, in case one saas has outage or software bugs emerge.

There are quite a few PM templates, this one if a good one that shows Project->Tasks really well: https://coda.io/t/Ubers-App-Redesign-Project-Doc_tjXsKe4Ioye

The flexibility of Coda means you can create your own version of a task tracker with dependencies. Perhaps start with the OKR template and start building off of it to see if you can “add on” the task tracking and time tracking pieces to it. The community is also here to help you along the way if you get stuck!

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