Work Notes doc slowing down

I have a work notes list in Coda. It works very well and has buttons to hide completed notes.

My problem is the amount of worknotes is slowing down the coda doc. Is there a way to script the ‘Done’ checkbox to move the completed note to another page, then delete the note from the main Work Notes page?

I need to keep the completed notes for documentation purposes, hence the goal of moving the note before deleting the original.

All help appreciated…thanks.

Hi Gavan,

Do you want to move the note to a different page, or to a different table?

If to a different table, you can simply add a button that will copy the row to an archive table, and delete it from the first.

If to a different page, can you please explain more about what it is that you want to do, then the community can assist with that.


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Thanks Piet,

Making an archive table was the answer. I’ll need to work on a button, but I was able to make an automated action that did exactly what I needed.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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I am following this thread closely as I have a similar question to @Gavan_Swift - thank you for posting this and I look forward to @Piet_Strydom ideas

Piet’s suggestion of an archive table was the solution I needed. If you want to know the automation I created, please let me know. It’s pretty simple as I’m new to Coda but happy to share.


Simple is best…

And now I need to add somethin to get this to 20 characters… :wink:

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Yes I’m all :eyes: and :ear::ear: :grinning:

Here is how far I got. I want to go back and combine both actions into one button. Like @Piet_Strydom suggested in his reply.

Hey there!

If you want to do that, just wrap your two actions with the RunActions() formula.

So in your button, write a formula that is something like:
runActions(addRow(arguments), deleteRow(thisRow))


Thank you Thank you ! Going to try now :running_woman:

Got it to work using your suggestion. Thank you so much!!! :pray:
Below are two screenshots. The first screenshot shows the finished thing. The second shows the magic formula that @Scott_Collier-Weir suggested.

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If your whole doc seems slow, moving data between tables in the same doc might not improve performance.

But you can use the concatenate() function to take important data from your table, and compress whole rows into a single cell on an Archive table. Then if you include a search filter on your Archive table, you can easily find old notes.

Here are two approaches, one that’s easier and similar to the above solutions, and a second that is a bit more advanced but will avoid having buttons on every row, which can slow down a large table.

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