Xano integration?

Hey all!

Non-developer here with a question…

We’re working with an agency on exploring using Xano to power one of our business’ web apps that they’re building with Wized/Webflow. Right now we keep the data needed for this app in Coda (as our source of truth) and we just want the data to go from Coda to Xano.

I see a handful of people have built packs with Xano, but has anyone heard of a specific Xano integration beyond that? Or is it just about using the APIs in both products to achieve this?

The team is great but they haven’t done a lot of work using data in Coda, so just want to be able to share a couple examples or insights with them if anyone has any good pointers or examples.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Hey Jordan!

I’ve started building some Coda <> Xano connections as well as some Webflow<>Wized<>Cano web apps as well

Right now a I prefer making a private 2 way sync enabled table that syncs with a xano database.

Then create button actions that generate NEW xano records

Let me know if you have any questions! A private 2-way sync enabled pack for your core xano databases could be stood up in a day if the Xano is set up correctly (with pagination, filters, and the appropriate api calls)

Hey Jordan,

We’ve been building with Xano+Coda for the past couple years and launching a pack to support it soon.

We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned with your agency.

A few things we’ve found helpful:

  • Xano makes it easy to create your own endpoints, so using Xano as your source of truth works well. Right now 2way sync in Coda doesn’t support add/delete records, but we hear that’s going to change soon.

  • Xano has a “Metadata API” that makes it easy to generate tables and end points on the fly. This is the engine behind our upcoming Xano pack, makes it very easy to sync with Coda - just drag and drop the Xano tables into Coda and you are set with 2way sync.

Happy to answer any other questions you have!

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Hey Jordan!

Our team just launched the Xano pack for Coda - Check it out and let us know if you have any questions!

Here’s a quick help doc on the pack as well:

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