YouTube columns buggy in Cross-doc table

I have a column with a YouTube format in a Table (Foo) in Doc A.

I have a “cross-doc table” (Bar) in Doc B for Table Foo.

A few observations with trying to use this…

  1. I, of course, had to add the YouTube Pack to be able to add the column to Foo in Doc A. However, when I sync’d Bar in Doc B, I didn’t get the newly added column to show up. The resolution was to add the YouTube Pack to Doc B and then the new column showed up. It would have been better to get a message letting me know I needed this Pack in order to get all of the columns from Foo.

  2. The column that was sync’d showed up as a Text format column instead of a YouTube Video format. That of course causes problems. I tried to change the format in Bar to be a YouTube Video format, and then resync’d, but that didn’t get me around the problem.

Am I doing something wrong, or are these observations bugs in the cross-doc functionality?