Zoom Pack: The meeting doesn't appear un my account

I don’t know if someone has this scenario, but I’m using the button “create meeting” from the Zoom Pack, and it works! I mean, it give me a link meeting that works in the result column. However, I can not find this meeting in my Zoom Account, in order to change things or add co-hosts, etc.

Someone with this scenario too? or ideas to solve it? (I’ve already disconnect multiple times the shared account, and is the same)

Hi @Claudia_Alfaro,

Great question. Do you mind reaching out to our support team and we can take a look at your doc for you. It sounds like there is an issue with the join link or the credentials, but we’ll need to make sure. You can reach us by clicking the “?” at the bottom right of your screen in your doc, and then at the bottom click “Get Support.” Our team looks forward to talking with you!

All my best,

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