Ability to add Headings H4-H6

I’d love to move all my documents from Google Drive into a Coda Doc. However, what is stopping me from doing that is the absence of H4-H6 headings. We use these headings in all our documentation. Although we also have custom styling for them, that won’t be an issue as long as the actual heading code is applied. We intend to write new documents in Coda and then paste them in rich text fields so the styling is very important.


Hi @Anna_Kelian1, thanks for the suggestion!

How are your H4-H6 styled in docs, and how would you like them to be styled in Coda?

Well, you do you know how you can change the styling of headings in Google docs and then save them as default? That’s what I meant. But what will be more than enough for me on Coda is the ability to create all types of headings and only the ability to increase and decrease the size of the font of headings and paragraphs.