Can I add more header and custom myself?

Hi guys, I am new to coda, I have using word for many year and I usually make a set of custom Header by myself cos my project always have a plenty of bullet points and I need header to navigate. However, I dont find any custom header func in Coda, is it I only can use 3 header?

Hey @tkykaren233 ,
yes unfortuntately, there are only the 3 headline styles right now and they cannot be customized for the whole doc. (More headline styles is also a bulletpoint in my Coda wishlist for 2024)

The only things you can do is

  • customize the general font style in the page options which affects all text
  • manually change colours or basic styling of each headline

In order to navigate you can activate “outline” in the page options which activates a table of contents.

Sorry for not having better news…


It’s ok, just curious if there are any custom heading, I may try to make more pages if there are too many things then, thx

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