Numbered heading and cross references


The questions I am posing below are as a result of me trying to see if I can use Coda to create documents for use in a regulated industry.

  1. Is there a way to make heading numbered?
  2. Are there ways to create captions and make cross references within a document.



You can have numbered paragraphs, but not numbered headings.

Cross reference you can do, in many different ways. You would need to be a little more specific.

In general, Coda has excellent functionality, but the layouts and prettiness is not the best.

Rambling Pete

Thanks for the response, Rambling Pete!
I have been using Coda for some personal work and I like it a lot but it is still lacking some basic features to fulfill the promise of 3 in one deal.

3 in one deal?

What do you mean with that?

My mistake, I should have said 2 for 1. Word + Excel

No problem. I had thought you might add Access or PowerPoint…

I don’t think any of the no code tools have in mind to replace any of those products. It is building a complete new type of document platform.

Yes, we all hope that Coda will become more aesthetically pleasing. And soon. Numbered, indented headings would be great, for example.

But is just a ramble…

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