Automated e-mail series to multiple users

Hello Coda Community,

I am very new to this tool and I am wondering if theoretically I can achieve this project I have in mind.

  • Someone signs-up
  • This sign-up triggers a series of emails
  • Best case: users can reply to email which captures certain value (e.g. assignment completed: yes)
  • Best case: email series branches depending on users feedback
  • Best case: user can see a report of his/her entries (but no others)

I want to build an educational email series on creative habit design.

Thanks for any insights from pros.

Best regards, Stephan

You could use Integromat to manage signup and capture email responses.

Then use a mix of time-based and row-changed automations to change the users’ “state”.

I guess the trickiest part would be Composing all the different emails.

Lastly, the reports would be a bit sketchy due to current lack of permission management… You could send them by email though.

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Thanks @Dalmo_Mendonca.

Integromat is something like zapier, right?

If there is a link between coda and mailchimp, maybe e-mail composition would work, too.

Mmmhh … there is no way to show a row to a specific user (and that user only)?