Automation: how to send a message with parameters?

I added the following automation in my doc:

When a user edit a specific column in the table, it’ll trigger the rule.
Then, I’ll notify by setting Specific Users (it’s only me) and apply the Message

Message only accept text… I’m thinking if is it possible in the message field to write something like:

User() + “: my message”

I know that the example above doesn’t work. Adding just to explain the concept.

Any ideas?

Of course! Just press the = sign in that field before typing and it should pop up a formula window for your message.

Try something like:
concatenate(user().name, “ :message”)


Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir

I was able to make progress with your suggestion, by using Concatenate formula but I’m getting ‘Automation Bot’ as the username.

But I was expecting to find a way to show the user who actually triggered that rule, like below:

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 14.45.23

Hey @Tiago_Maluta ,

check out the drop down menu at the bottom of the automation settings, here you can switch between you and the automation bot.

For your use case I would recommend to put the Notify() action into a button column of your table containing thisrow.ModifiedBy() and to push that button via the automation.

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