Automation to check that table has synced?

I was wondering if theres a way to track when a table has refreshed via cross-doc.

The flow would be:

Table refreshes → Automation picks up on sync → Automation deletes rows in that table that arent relevant for that document

Hi @Harry_Roper ,

Great question. With your workflow, you would have the cross-doc table sync at a specific time each day, then you can have the automation go through that table (and specific column) looking for the delineated data that you no longer need in that table. You could then have the automation attempt to delete it, but remember it’s a sync’d table. You may be better to just set up a filter for that table so that as the table syncs it will just auto filter out data that’s not needed.

I hope that helps!

Thanks Dan! In my case I want to try and avoid filtering many tables as we have multiple client dashboards that need a fast solution to scale rather than filtering table after table after table ! All without exposing other client data!

Your solution seems to be the answer… Ill let you know how it goes!

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