What happens to data from columns added in a cross-doc table when a row is un-synced?

Let’s say you pull in a table from another doc. You create some columns and fill them with data. When you have a row un-synced from the cross-doc table, I thought that you would also lose that data. These columns are not in the original table but, for some reason, when I sync the same rows back in, the data shows up again.
Is this temporary or can I count that I won’t lose that data?
ps. KEEP UN-SYNCED ROWS is always toggled off.

Hi @Breno_Nunes,

If you go into settings for the sync table you can turn on the toggle to say that it will keep un-synced rows.

I have limited experience with this myself but is should work just fine as long as you don’t delete the sync table.

Hope this helps


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