Automation to Timesheet owner if duration is over 4 hours

Hi I track timesheets in coda with a start time and an end time with the duration being calculated based on the difference. I want to set up an automation to send an email to the timesheet owner if the duration has gone over 4 hours but cant figure out how to get this done. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Thanks for your help.

hi @Darragh_English ,

the easiest, but not the most lean solution the following

  • create a column that contains the duration (end time minus start time)
  • create a second column with a button that notifies the user and disable this button for any duration smaller than 4 hours (the button is only active on 4hrs and more)
  • create an automation that runs every hour (team plan is required) and pushes every hour all the buttons in the column you just created, only the active ones notify the user

cheers, Christiaan

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Thank you for your help

Yup! And you’ll want to set a “results” column for your email button which will essentially log if the button has already been pressed

You’d then when to add additional disable criteria to disable the button if the resultsColumn.isNotBlank() so you don’t double or triple notify people

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