Automations and Jira Pack Integration

Hi there.

I was hoping to create an automation in coda such that when a certain jira status is reflected in a given row in a table in coda (via the jira pack integration), that it would trigger an update to another column’s value in that row. Example: we have an idea intake form and table in coda that we then push items to in Jira from coda. When that jira status changes to specific jira statuses, we’d like to change the ‘idea status’ in coda to an appropriate value to remove a human from having to make that update. However, in trying to set up an automation, the ‘when’ trigger options do not include any jira pack integration fields.

Any advice on means to do this in coda with the jira info coming over via the jira pack integration?


For trigger, choose Row changed. Then choose the table that your Jira tasks are synced into, and then choose the Jira status column.

Thanks @Nick_HE for taking the time to respond.

That is the route I had gone, however, the jira synced columns are not showing as an option either by dropdown for what is edited nor have I figured out a way via formula to look for specific jira status statuses to trigger a certain action.

I’m having a hard time finding those synced jira pack columns (as these appear as formulas in coda and those are indicated as not able to automate against) that are populating. Any additional guidance would be appreciated.

Example in my automation I’m trying to incidate that when this value from step 1 is one of a handful of jira statuses - in this screenshot I just have one listed - then it’s changed another column’s value for that step 1 row. I’m not getting an error with the automation but it’s also not actually updating anything.

(Note: I’ve omitted the display of the table reference but it’s pointing to the correct table)

Ah ok I think I understand.

If you want to change the status of a row in a Jira sync table, that means you need to change the status on Jira (because the sync table just reflects the truth of Jira). The way that Coda can change the status on Jira, is to use one of the “Actions” provided by the Pack, for example the UpdateIssue() formula.

Does that make sense?

Thanks @Nick_HE for on-going inputs!

In my coda table, I have jira synced columns that pull in the Jira Key and the Jira Status (“A” in the screen shot). What I’m trying to automate is that when the Jira Status via the jira pack sync gets updated to certain status, that my coda automation would then update the coda column field of “Idea Status” to a new (and mapped) value.


My prior post on my attempt to set up the notification was to look for that change to a specific value in “A” (pushed from jira to coda via the pack sync) then to update that row for the Idea Status to a specific value.

I’ve not been successful thus far. I hope that clarifies what I’m trying to accomplish.

Let me know if this description of the problem is accurate:

  • The When is set to “Row Changed”
  • The Column is set to “Jira Status” (yes? or is “Jira Status” not available to select?)
  • The Condition (“If”) is set to Step 1 Result.Jira Status.Contains("In Progress")
  • The Action is set to modify a row (Apply to Step 1 Result, Idea Status “In Progress”)

This runs without error, but doesn’t update the Idea Status column, yes? What do you see in the Activity tab for this automation?

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