Card view tweaks

I have a bunch of suggestions for the card view.

Requests :

  • A way to sort individual columns
  • More sorting options
  • A way to resize the columns
  • A way to resize the cards
  • A way to resize the content of the cards (font size, fields position etc…)
  • When adding a new card, decide which field to show in the dialog box (especially when you have a master table with a lot of fields)
  • Sub groups to divide the card board in function of another group (like group lanes)
  • A way to manage groups in card view instead of having to go back to table view

Bug :

  • When moving the last card of a column, it sometimes make this column to disappear even if the value is pinned



Great suggestions @tomavatars!

Along the lines of your “When adding a new card, decide which field to show in the dialog box” suggestion, I would love to be able to quickly add a card without opening a dialog.

Also, wanted to clarify on your sub-groups idea, were you thinking something similar to how our multi-level dimensional grouping works? As in, you can group any column to the left, then group another one on top? Related to this, I’m curious about what you (and others) feel are the benefits of the card view vs something a grouped table. Why would you use one over the other and vice versa?

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Multi-dimensional grouping is fantastic, and IMO should definitely converge with the Kanban feature. Kanban looks pretty, but probably turns a lot of people off because it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features (and they may not go digging for the grouping feature).

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@jerols I totally agree with a way to quickly add a card without opening dialog (Trello like). Clicking in an empty space in a column would be awesome!

Concerning the grouping, yes, I would totally like to be able to group on the side. But it would look more like this than the groups in table view (Expedite Lane / Main Lane) :

Favro is the best example of what I would love to do with Coda. The actual Tables in Coda correspond to the Favro Backlog, a table with every data you need, and the Card view is the workplace. Favro power comes from the ease of use and especially the UX. It is very fast and convenient to add cards, edit cards and drag and drop. Also, color coding is nice as well as the UI.
I would absolutely be delighted if Coda card view could be as well designed as Favro.

To answer your question, the benefits of a Card view instead of table view are :

  • Quick editing (drag cards on the card view is easier than on the table view)
  • Quick viewing (informations on a glance)
  • Kanban workflow with Wip limits and specific columns to show/hide
  • Cards are just nicer than rows in some cases :smile:

Along with my first statements in this topic, I have more suggestions and tweaks to ask :

  • When I have a task field with a lot of text, the text is hidden in the card. I definitely need to have a way to see the whole text on the card, please.

  • An easy way to add wip limits (quantity limit of cards in a column). I think I can find a way to make it with code, but I’ll get back to you if not.

  • A great visualisation with nicer columns an headers, + button, add card button under last card…

  • Add card on empty space click.

Thanks !!! :heart::grin::muscle:


I have another suggestion which would push the cards to another dimension of experience :

We really need to be able to change the values of fields by just clicking on it (instead of opening the whole task).
If I have a task title to change or to copy, I would like to just click on its field then the text box would just be highlighted and I could enter text in the box.
Please, this is a very important feature to add!!


I just thought on a very cool improvement for cards. As well as clicking on fields to change values instead of opening the card, what would be absolutely a blast, is the ability to right click on a card and access/edit every values here.

For example, I have a big master table on a project, every rows has many type of data. In the card view, I often want to quickly change the value of a card to “Pending” or “Waiting” to enhance blocked tasks. I don’t want to add this in Step (TO DO etc…) but it is a special field. For the moment, I have to open the tasks and scroll down to this specific field to change the value, which is painful :skull_and_crossbones:

Coda Team, @jerols do you have an ETA for card view improvement please? I believe that this is an important part to work on (at least for me, because I use Kanban a lot).
Thaaaaanks! :mage::man_technologist::fairy::raised_hands:


Coda Team, any news about this topic?

Hi @tomavatars, thanks for checking in on this!

We have been continuing to collect feedback on cards and ideas for improvements. Currently we’re planning a couple new features that may leverage an improved type of card view, so for the moment our priority is stepping back to see how cards may fit in new scenarios, and what changes they may need more holistically.

Don’t have anything specific to share on plans or timeline, but want to let you know that we hear the feedback (and experience the pain of some of these issues ourselves).



Thanks @nathan !
I’m still very excited for the future even if there is no plan to announce yet :grinning:

Hey there! That’s been months that I suggested better card view. There are still no improvement and I’m lying quite a lot on it.

At least, correct the bug that all column are never well pinned, it often happens when I use filter, some pinned columns disappears because there are no filtered tasks in it.
It shouldn’t work this way as on a Kaban board, we always need showing columns!

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Hi there! Please Coda team. I still have problems with pinned groups (status = to, doing, done).
Whenever I use filter the pinned groups are broken. They show randomly. And with a filter as basic as user, the pinned groups will show only used ones.

@evan , @nathan or someone, this is very important because as long as it behave like this, card view is a pain to use!

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Hi @tomavatars! @Himanshu on our team is working on some improvements for this now, stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!! I’m excited!

@nathan Hi Nathan, wondering if any progress was made here? One of the issue’s I am having with Cards view is I would like to be able to set the max number of cards in a row. Meaning if I have a list of 20 cards, I’d like to have them listed 4 at a time when grouped across the top AND/OR be able to expand/contract the overall size of the table so as to force the rearrangement. Is there a way to do that without having to actually create separate tables to then turn into cards?


Hi @nathan
Still no news for cards improvements. Do you have something juicy to share?

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Hi there !
I come to upvote this topic!
I’m actually playing with cards and I can’t agree more with the @tomavatars 's suggestions !!

I know Coda’s team have a lot to do, but I sincerely hope to see these impovements one of these day =)

Cheers !



I wanted to resurface this post as I have big needs here too, and consider card view one of the weaker points of Coda, and most in need of a refresh. @tomavatars great stuff, and thank you for pushing this along for 2(!) years now!

I wanted to add a few references to a couple more posts around this subject:

Here I am mainly showing an example of a typical swimlane view. There is a question earlier from @jerols about this. To add my 2cents, you guys have a really nice grouping on top and side in the table view. But in that view, you are limited to a visualization of rows in a table, so I think it’s a stretch to refer to that as a Kanban view most teams are used to. The problem with Card View now is there is no way to group both on top and by left, like you can in the table grouping. If you could do the same with cards, you’d have a fantastic feature.

This would be a terrific addition to cards. Plenty of people asking for it, with use cases, in that thread.

@BenLee I wanted to call you in as Community Champion from the Coda side. Could you shed any light on your guys’ plans here? I am sure a ton of us would like to know if you guys plan to come out with “Cards 2.0” soon, or are even working on it?

Thanks guys!

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Are there any plans for cards updates? Text not wrapping is a real deal breaker, it makes card view unusable…


I agree. So much potential in boards, really hoping you guys are indeed planning to update them. Probably right at the top of my lists of missing features in Coda right now - more sensible Boards with this view.



Yea, I wanted to try this and perhaps replace Notion…but having to scroll 3 screens across just to see a few cards is silly, they only really work if you have 3 groups max. Maybe Coda thinks they are Trello…but Trello is designed with 100% horizontal workflows in mind.

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