Change a value by dragging and dropping

It would be nice to be able to drag & drop grouped cards, so their status values are changed accordingly.


In this example drag&drop can only be used to sort the todos, but it seems you cannot drag and drop a card to change the “grouped by” field (in this case ‘status’).

I have a setup where cards can be dragged between grouped fields.

How so? Does it need tweaking with automation, maybe? :thinking:

To make sure we are on the same page (i.e. talking about the same thing) I created the following:

When I drag and drop the Fishing task to Done, it works:

I can share the document if it helps.

Hi, would be great if you can share, so I can have a look. I’ll send you my account as a message.

Actually made a shareable version. You can make a copy to edit and play around with it: