Changing numeric output to text name (related row column name)

Im using said formula below

now I want to also display the item $2,453.25 is attached to


of course .item does not work. I want to find a solution.

this just showing im using the formulas as dynamic single outputs

Maybe this could help ?

[Sell Through].Filter(Week Ending=Something AND Retail Sales=Retail Sales.Max()).item

(Sorry, I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t test this :innocent:)

Not quite, but progress for sure. I have a blank output now instead of a broken formula so thats good! It made more sense as typing in each parameter, it showing and suggesting the same path. Thank you for your response!

Quick question @Brantley_Thornton : How do you get your Formula 1 in your screenshot… What type of “thing” is behind that ? :blush:

Here’s is that Formula 1:

Its initial purpose is to display the current week before last.
Thanks for staying with me on this one.

@Brantley_Thornton : I found something but for some reasons, it doesn’t fully satisfy me :thinking:

In my sample, where I tried to vaguely reproduce your setup, I was finally able to get the item with the most sales by filtering the table by Week Ending = Formula 1 and then by Sales = Formula 2 (Where Formula 2 is the formula you already have, the one to get the amount for the Top Sales)

The problem with this is that if during the same week, you 2 (or more) items with the exact same amount for the Top Sales they will both show up. Well, that might not be a big trouble though :blush: .

I feel like I might be missing something obvious here but I can’t find what :innocent:.
Maybe someone else might have another idea :blush: .


IT WORKS!! Thank you so much for taking the time to map it out and represent it like so. This helped me make sense of it all too without just having a nice plug it in answer. If I may ask lastly, how did you put in the cool mini Coda doc playground on here?, thats super helpful.

@Brantley_Thornton : I’m very glad to know this solve your trouble :grin: !

That’s super easy :grin: (and very useful if you ever encounter another problem… as it’s always a lot easier for us (other community members) to help when we can see directly, on a sample doc (with anonymized datas) where exactly the problem is, what you’re trying to do and what you’re already have :blush: … Plus, you don’t need to worry about possible changes, as with the “play mode” of the embed, the changes made here are not saved :grin: )

So to embed a doc (Page/Subpage) here in a Topic/Post all you need to do is :

Step 1 : Go to your doc and find the menu Share:

Step 2 : In Share, find the section Get Link and click on the “dropdown menu arrow” in regard.

Step 3 : In the menu “Anyone on the Internet with this link” (yours should say “No access” so far), select “Can view

Step 4 : Once it’s on “Can view”, got to “Embed

Step 5 : In “Embed”, you’ll be able to activate/deactivate the “Play mode” (which I leave on On, as the changes are not saved), Hide/Unhide the list of pages in the doc and select the page where the embed doc should start.
Once you’re happy with your configuration, just click on “Copy embed”, come back to your Topic/post here in the Community paste the code and that’s it :grin: .
(Don’t worry about the inaccessible “code box” on my screenshot. For some unknown reasons, it always appeared like this on my browser but it works :blush: )

A few notes though: I would recommend to put the doc you share here in a dedicated “sharing” folder, just in case :blush: … and also, to take a look in the “Advance settings” in the Share menu and see if everything seems right there, for you :blush: .


Awesome, thanks for the level up!

You’re welcome :blush: !

Late to the party. The correct solution would be this:

[Something Sell Through]
.Filter([Week Ending] = [Formula 1])
.Sort(false, [Retail Sales])

— the key is to sort descending and select the first item (or sort ascending and select the last one, but that’d work only if you don’t have blank values)

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Aaahhh :bulb: ! Thank you very much @Paul_Danyliuk :grin: .