Changing Pack account kills formula line breaks

When a Pack account is changed, all line breaks get removed from a button formula.


  1. Write a button action formula with line breaks
  2. Include a Pack action that requires an account in the formula somewhere
  3. From Pack settings, remove the account you were using, and connect a new one
  4. Formula will have an error, open it up
  5. Click on the chip for the account, choose Connect new account, choose the account


  • No more line breaks in your formula
  • A broken formula, if you were using // comments
  • Corrupted comments that Coda tried to parse as CFL (adding square brackets around sentence fragments, andAND, etc.)
  • Can’t use auto-format to get line breaks back (because of broken formula)

Bit hard to share a repro cause it involves pack accounts, but can a Codan please give it a try?


I can confirm. I’ve experienced this exact same thing many times.