Combine, Clean, Associate 2 databases into 1 pretty sales report

Ok. I recently purchased a business that had good sales records, but it’s all in spreadsheets with somewhat inconsistent product names (name may be longer or short as in “Product 1” vs “Product 1 by Manufacturer”).

I want to clean the data up somewhat automagically as it’s already posted in Coda by month within sections grouped by QTR1, 2, 3, 4.

Then, I now have daily emails coming from all sources which I’ve setup the “GMAIL” pack to now sort and pull data for daily sales totals–but i want to track item sales as well as has been done with the previous data set (which is all fixed data btw). This way I can more adequately asses sales and marketing data for my new biz to forecast next year. I would also like for this daily itemized sales data to deduct inventory from my own record under appropriate channel of sales (ie., “store name”, internet wholesale, internet retail, promo/marketing).

Here’s a link to a copy of the doc:

PLEASE HELP! I’m so lost. I’ve seen so many methods to aggregate and sort and group that my brain has turned to mush.

Dear @Chandler_Bearden1, welcome :handshake:

I assume you are looking for a consultant to structure your project to be able to easily maintain and extract the figures necessary to make the best decisions for your business.

First things first:

Obviously, there is also a level of trust that needs to be build up, as disclosing the core of your business is not something most businessmen are willing to share in public.

#) Where are you located? (time zone) - just to have the convenience solving problems.
#) There are skilled members in the community that are willing to sell their know how, will that be Okay?
#) Try to create a basic summary on what you have, what you are missing and your expectations, just for a potential candidate to understand the to be expected workload / skill set. Later when you have an agreement, you will have to provide the details.

Second option is you could create a dummy doc, with a minimum amount of info available and ask in the community for support on how to solve…
There it important to explain in detail your expected outcome.
There is a rich amount of docs already available with different scenarios and Coda has many templates from where you could adapt sections to your use case. It’s clear that this will take more time :grinning:

Succes with your business :trophy:

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No, not looking to buy services at this time.

I’m actually having fun learning it and building this myself. So far, I’ve managed pretty great, i think. I just need some help figuring out IF coda can extrapolate the data from emails as I want and then just a nudge in the right direction with some coding and/or syntax. This syntax while simple, is very confusing for me ATM.

Hi @Chandler_Bearden1,

If Gmail is your thing, connect the Gmail pack the same is valid for Google calendar pack.
Stange enough still no G drive pack, but Dropbox pack could come handy too.